Since the dawn of man, humans have been constantly searching for a way to survive and thrive. From the ancient frozen tundra and arid deserts to now the rural woods and the urban cities we all have a natural inclination to live. But alas, through the ages there have been those that have crossed passed with our ancestors and attempted to take what is rightfully not their's. It was due to their fundamental will to not surrender, to fight, that allowed them to carry on their bloodline. I live and teach to my students that only through adversity can growth truly occur, and through that concept we can become stronger in both mind and body.


My name is Ian Strimbeck and I am a veteran of the United States Marine Corps where I conducted training to host nation forces in small-unit tactics as an Infantry Rifleman. During that time I attained experience in combat and security operations and held every position in a fire team from SAW Gunner to Team Leader. I've had the opportunity to have been in multiple high-tension environments during my time in the military and therefore bring back what I've learned to you. From there I spent time working doors at various shady bars until wee hours in the morning which taught me the culture and normalcy of criminal interaction as well as the dynamics of violence and how having a multifaceted skillset is vital for survival. Later on, I worked for an executive protection firm in the greater Boston area providing security for various VIP's, celebrities and international dignitaries.


Runenation is a consulting and education company specializing in the constant growth of the multidisciplinary tactician. Too often in the "gun world," you see individuals who are drawn to a singular tool in lieu of looking at the bigger picture. It isn't solely about the gun, blade, grappling, striking, medical, fitness, or verbal acuity. It's a constantly evolving skillset that you put a varying amount of effort into throughout your life. Like the rings on a tree trunk , it will grow as long as you put in the necessary effort. I'm constantly evolving how I teach so as to bring the best knowledge to my students which will therefore allow them to be better able to answer the call if violence is the only option. We are more than happy to provide the offered training and customized training to any law abiding citizen, law enforcement officer, military and security professional.


I hope to see you all out on the range. In the meantime train hard, train often and train to live. Remember, no one is coming to save you. 


-Ian Strimbeck, Runenation Founder