Many people out there have dreams....aspirations.....desires, but few ever act on them with purpose. Many see those with little follow through as lazy, but they're lazy because their "why" isn't strong enough. But what does that mean? What is a "why?" The "why" is the driving force behind your purpose. Think of it as the wood to your fire, or the mortar to your brick foundation. Your "why" will keep you awake on those late nights when you're working on your business venture, it will help you get your ass to the fucking gym on those dark and cold mornings, it will help you stay true to your diet when those cravings kick in, or it will help you perfect your craft to work your way up the corporate ladder. In whatever facet of life you'e working in, if you don't have a "why" or your "why" isn't strong enough than you are doomed to fail.

Now that isn't to be a pessismist and to be a Negative Nancy, it's just the fucking truth. If you expect to gain success because you want money, or the jewelry, or the cars, or the stupid big house, you're in for a rude awakening. All of that shit can burn, break, or be destroyed, and in the end is worthless when you're nothing but ashes. Your "why" needs to have meaning, it needs to be so fucking resilient that it courses through the passages of space and time. It will continue living long past your dead and gone for your kin to carry forth eons from now. This isn't a small task, and it's definitely not something to be taken lightly. In the end though, your "why" is the starting point that will eventually lead you to success.



Your "why" needs to push past the simple idea of the self, and instead should be looked at as what you can provide for others. Now don't get this fucking confused, I am in no way, shape, or form saying you need to help out every person you meet in life. It could be as something as simple as passing something on or leaving something for your son, daughter, brother, or close friend. The "why" shouldn't be looked at as purely personal gain, but if you stay true to yourself and others you will eventually see positive growth of your success. "But why should I help others out, when it's my dream?" Oh I don't know, because narcissistic, vain assholes can be sniffed out by anyone with half a brain?

Your purpose will be varied from that of your friends or family, and that's ok....that's what makes you human. By having a solid and unbreakable "why" backing your purpose, it will eventually mold itself into passion. If you're purpose is because it's what someone else is doing, or what you're expected to do, or something you're doing just to "kill time" then there won't be any passion behind it. If there's no passion, then you'll have very limited to zero success in your venture. Having passion leads you to success because while doing it, you're not even thinking of it as "work," you're solely doing it because you love it, and if you love doing something....happiness soon follows.

It's a chain reaction effect of positivity that is contagious to others. Modern society's dirty little secret is that many people fake happiness daily, while only a select few truly knows what it feels like. Why? Because these "fakers" attempt to replace their happiness with materialistic things even though they may hate their job, marriage, or lifestyle. It again goes back to the infamous "why." Theirs wasn't strong enough to weather the storm, to push them through those early mornings and late nights, the struggles, heartaches, tribulations, and mockery from the skeptics. Your "why" needs to be unbreakable.....untouchable, an impenetrable fortress that no doubt, failure, or hater can ever breach. When it's all said and done and the chips are on the table your "why" will develop your purpose, your purpose will evolve into a passion, and the fucking passion will ultimately drive you to success.