The self defense community is a peculiar animal. It's where the same men who claim to be an "alpha males," are the same ones stirring up more drama than a middle school cheerleading squad. One specific example are individuals who will spend every last source of income on the latest piece of "hardware" for their pistol or rifle such as a trigger, light, optic, ammo, etc yet like a magician will pull every excuse out of their hat as to why they cannot attend a class to enhance their "software."

Just like a computer, the multidisciplinary tactician needs software (knowledge) to effectively implement their hardware (guns, blades, etc). Unfortunately, as it's been said in the past "people don't know what they don't know." It's a simple and obvious statement that most can comprehend, but too many people just refuse to admit that they don't know it all. This is an extremely dangerous and volatile road to go down whether a practitioner or teacher of the defensive arts. 

The majority of these individuals have this mindset due to an overinflated and untested ego. They refuse to go to a course or class where they will have to perform under stress and more than likely fail in front of other people. Their ego is too fragile to be judged and picked apart by individuals more knowledgeable than them. So instead they live inside a bubble full of imaginary skills and untested theories. Growth, TRUE growth, can only occur through daily conflict and struggle just as a diamond is only created through immense amounts of pressure.

If you want to just collect gun, knives or other lethal tools that's fine. Just please stop going around claiming that you train with said tools in the defense of yourself or others. Living in this fantasy world does no one good, especially when that time does arise where you'll be tested. How do you TRULY know you'll be ready? Theories or facts? Talk or action? Arrogance or humility? Your choice, your decision, your life. Just realize due to possible egostistcal behavior, you may have others that are now counting on you.

Personally, I could care less if you decide to train with me but just get out there and TRAIN. Test yourself, your skills and your ability to do the things the majority of people would scoff at. Actually test the tools that you've invested money in, don't allow them to be "safe queens." You may figure out the thing you've put so much emotional investment into just doesn't work for you. But that's the sheer beauty of it, wouldn't you rather figure it out in a class than in that moment where your life may hang in the balance? Humility is the key to your overall success, don't ignore it.

Train hard, train safe and train to live because one is coming to save you.