Everyone has their own limits. Some call it a "breaking point" others a "plateau." Either way, it's the moment that you define once you cash all the chips in and call it quits. Someones boundary may be short, other may be longer. Frankly, it correlates directly to ones ability to thrive in suffering. It's a skill few possess, but many claim. To this day it still amazes me to see what the human body is capable of when limitations are ignored. Whether they're getting their body utterly crushed and smashed at Jiu Jitsu or watching someone destroy the "Murph" workout, the human's ability to flourish in such misery is something to be seen.

But what of the aftermath? When the timer beeps or you finish the final reps of the workout, what becomes of your former self? It's destroyed, killed and burned to be used as fuel for the fire of your goals. For most people, that border is impenetrable and unwavering. They allowed their mind to dwell up fear and doubt in order to determine their broken path. The other few hardened souls laugh into the dark void of the unknown knowing in their hearts that limitations are for the average.

Regardless, a breaking point does exist for each and every one of you. Once you do arrive at its marker you have a choice. Life's funny like that, so many drum up excuses as to why something didn't get done or why these certain turn of events occurred. The reality is you chose to make that decision, no one forced your hand. No matter the fingers you want to point and people you want to blame, there's always a choice. So once you can breathe again after your lungs felt as if they were ablaze and your limbs felt as if they'd shear off from such tension, where do you go? You start it all over again, until your lungs can intake oxygen easier, your limbs are resilient and your mind is as sharp as steel. The will to engage in suffering daily isn't for the faint of hearted. It's for those that understand failure is part of growth so as to one day see the untapped human potential. Suffer silently and grow exponentially.