Whether working for a large corporation or ourselves, we have all at one point or another been consumed by the fulfillment of doing well. We've all been there, we're happy, quotas are in, orders fulfilled, and meeting monthly goals. This is where we're our most vulnerable because complacency sets in. We get lazy, sloppy and let our guard down. But shouldn't we celebrate the victories? Why yes of course, but we should never let ourselves become comfortable.

Learn to constantly be hungry and to always be on the lookout for something better. Don't get lulled into your average job with your average schedule and your average pay. There is always something better out there, you just need to get in the trenches and do the work. Regardless of your success, constantly be searching for more efficient tactics, techniques or procedures to complete a task.

Put yourself in conflict whenever possible in order to sustain constant growth. Whether it be at the gym, in the office, on the mat's or in school there's always something to learn. Once you realize that there's someone out there who teaches better than you, shoots better than you, lifts more than you, rolls better than you, is a better salesman or gets better grades than you, you'll quickly realize that you're replaceable. What will make or break how you'll be remembered with the short time you have here on earth, is your drive and desire to become better. How will you change your life right now, today...to impact what you'll leave behind years from now? We all have a choice, now its your turn to make a stand.