My brother and I had a conversation recently and it brought up a current trend whether it be in fitness, firearms or just self-defense in general. It's the lack of humility, or what I call "staying grounded." Whether it be a company, idea, or concept, I have seen individuals start it as something great, and then evolve into the polar opposite of what they preach. The reasoning is unknown to me, foreign even. What seems to be the common denominator though is money, narcissism, and a dedicated flock they can guide wherever and however they like.

A true leader, boss, prophet, (insert whatever term fits), should allow their followers or subordinates question what is being presented to them without rebuke. This shows that you as the leader always have room for improvement, because nobody's path to self-improvement is EVER finished. You can always learn more, lift more, run more, lead more, shoot more, read more, grow more. Once your stand upon that pedastal preaching to others that you are the all seeing, all knowing you are allowing the poison of narcissism enter your heart. You are allowing your unchecked ego take over who you truly are....what you truly represent.

Stop allowing the Sirens of greed tempt you with tales of glory. Realize that those who'm have been under you or have followed you from the beginning did it because of what you originally brought to the table. Why would you want to lose that? With that being said, change, adaptation and evolution are the only way to thrive in your business and life in general. Although, you should strive to stay true to yourself and what you originally represented. Once you start going down the dark path filled with lust and gluttony for personal gain is when you will truly be lost...never to return.

When it's all said and done, your humility or lack thereof will either make or break the legacy you leave behind. Will you remembered as the humble leader who stayed in his lane and asked for a hand when necessary? Or the two-faced serpent who led his flock astray when personal gain tempted him, a resurrected messiah who could do no wrong? 


  • Always ask questions
  • Everyone makes mistakes, yes even you
  • Don't follow anyone or anything blindly
  • There's always something to learn
  • Never get comfortable
  • Exclusion comes at a price, very limited circumstances where it's a benefit
  • If you wish to lead others, do what is best for the group not what feeds your ego
  • Humility is the best prescription for the narcissist, sometimes it'll take failure for them to see it