There's a common theme in our house, the word can't does not exist in anyone's vocabulary. Anyone that's a parent can relate that children are the biggest perpetrators of this. They see a task in from of them that in their eyes is monumental...gigantic.....impossible. It's similar to the domesticated dog who, if the task is too difficult, looks to their owner to help them. Compare that to the wild wolf entrapped in a cage who will literally end up killing itself attempting to escape. The difference is what the animal or child has come to accept as the "norm." If someone has always done something for you, then you eventually start accepting this as routine behavior.

If you allow the word "can't" to enter your mind, body and soul whether child or adult, you will at some point accept it as fact. "Can't" is a state of mind, something to point and blame when things aren't going your way. The reality is you gave up on yourself and you abilities, you're just too much of a coward to admit it. From the child's perspective it's because they lack the experience to intellectually comprehend their abilities. To set your child up for success, try to can that shit ASAP. The moment any of my children say. "I can't," my retort is "There's no such thing as can't, you're stronger than you think...figure it out."

A child's experiences are few and limited. Any adult that welcomes excuses into their life, more than likely did as a child. I always like to use the statement, "There's always an escape," something that i took from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Whether it's your job, the gym, the mat's...anything, there is always a solution. The obvious issue for most, is that it sometimes take a lot of hard work, perseverance and a healthy dose of struggle to get there. Can't is the way of the mediocre. Can't is for those who won't be remembered in stories ages from now. Can't is for those who like to point and blame others. Can't is easy. Can't is quick. Can't will draw you in like the Sirens in Odysseus' saga. You must accept the journey will be hard, long and arderous where the only one to blame for your failures is yourself.

You'll be in a constant battle against the temptations from the inferior and basic. Sweat, blood, tears and frustration will be a part of your daily life, but in the end the glory that awaits you will dwarf in comparison to that which is behind you. In the end, remember one important ideal. The mediocre will always find an excuse, while the extraordinary will always find a way.