The hustle & bustle throughout the airport is similar to drones in a beehive. Angry faced and bedraggled..a nomad onto their new stop. Like buzzards squawking into their bluetooth earpiece trying to "seal the deal of the year." Everyone who hates this lifestyle is a habitual user, an addict. Bitching about how much they loathe it is shooting up and having a listener console you is the high. But it feels good. You love the confirmation of being right, of being coddled and shown pity.  "Poor me," you say. "Poor you," they say and thus the cycle continues......that is until that one big hit and you OD'd. All your goals and dreams die along with you. You continue to go to the job you despise in the uncomfortable suit and the fake smile. Why? Because the high was too good? Want to stop cold turkey? Relish in the struggle to do what you love long term. Welcome discomfort with open arms and know in your heart that peace is a gateway drug back to misery.