As I was driving back from Jiu Jitsu today I tried to formulate my thoughts on the outcome of class. Anyone who would have been there to watch would have thought it was an utterly savage beatdown, which it was. Out of a seven minute roll, almost three of them were spent battling and fighting against an extremely tight choke with my coach, who is a 2nd degree blackbelt. I could have easily "tapped", reseted, bumped fists and started over. But I didn't. Why? Because there's always an out, there's always an exit, there's always an escape......sometimes you just have to wallow in suffering in order to find it. Modern society has lost the penchant of what misery can create. If there's one thing embracing conflict has taught me is that by doing so you'll eventually become comfortable being uncomfortable. How many of us know someone close to us that gives up the moment something that gets difficult? "I can't do that." "It hurts." "If I was only (insert excuse)." Fuck your weak mind and definitely fuck your excuses. We're only as capable as the mind allows. Comfort is for the dead, the feeble, the mediocre and the lame. By purposely placing yourself in moments of discomfort and conflict, you'll eventually see your true potential in this life. If you waver and throw the up the white flag, you'll go through your days always questioning the what if's. "What if I didn't bail on that squat?" What if I didn't back down to my boss about the promotion?" "What if I didn't bail on John when he asked me to go to the gym with him?" All of these burning questions might as well be poison flowing through your veins, all because you didn't have the mental fortitude to hold fast against the voices of insecurity. So what's it going to be? Are you going to embrace and live among the comforts you've learned to accept as the norm? Or are you going to wrap up to trade blows with the beauty that is conflict and suffering? You'll only truly find yourself in those deep dark reaches that the common and ordinary can only dream of going. It's time to reinvent what the "norm" is. Show yourself, and others, that by embracing pain, you'll only become stronger and more resilient than you were before.