Low-Light Pistol Module

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Low-Light Pistol Module

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Low-Light Pistol Module (LLPM) is a 3-4 hr module that will expose the student to low-light performance shooting drills pushing them outside their comfort zone thereby enhancing their survivability during a low/no light environment. LLPM will teach the student how to regain comfort and confidence when speed is of the essence and environmental darkness is part of the fight.

Low-Light Pistol Module will cover the following:

  • Lights overview

  • Where/why/how

  • Integration of a handheld light

  • Activation of a pistol-mounted light

  • Light discipline

  • Light use

  • Movement in low-light

  • Shooting in low-light

  • Cognitive-based end simulation


Class runs from Dusk +3 hours

Students will need to bring:

  • Proper Attitude

  • Semi-auto Handgun

  • 3 or more handgun magazines (6 for single stack)

  • Quality holster (outside the waistband preferred)

  • Quality Handheld light, quality pistol mounted light, or both

  • 300 rounds of quality ammo

  • Ear/Eye Protection

  • Rain gear and Appropriate Clothing

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