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Vehicular Dominance & Survival (VDS) is a one day course that will expose the student to controlling and dominating violence in and around a vehicle. Automobiles are a part of our everyday lives and with the amount we spend in them, understanding the dynamics of plugging in a firearm is of the utmost importance. Square range courses have their place, but understanding angles and how body posture changes inside a cramped environment adds another dimension in surviving the fight when needed.


VDS is considered an advanced course and requires a solid foundation of pistol manipulations as well as moderate amount of physical ability.

Vehicular Dominance & Survival will cover the following:

  • The Vehicle as a Defensive Tool

  • The Ambush During Ingress to Your Vehicle

  • Obtaining a Protective Posture

  • Dynamic Egress of a Vehicle at Multiple Angles

  • Shooting Exterior Targets at Varied Positions

  • Controlling Passengers

  • Utilizing the Vehicle as Cover

  • Fallacy of Crowding Your Cover

  • Round Absorption Points In/Around a Vehicle


Class runs from 9am-5pm

Students will need to bring:

  • Proper Attitude

  • Semi-auto Handgun

  • 3 or more handgun magazines (6 for single stack)

  • Quality appendix or strong side holster, and magazine pouches

  • 400 rounds of quality ammo

  • Ear/Eye Protection

  • Rain gear and Appropriate Clothing

  • Hat, bugs spray, sun block

  • Pen and paper

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