Fundamental Defensive Pistol Lvl 1

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Fundamental Defensive Pistol Lvl 1

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Runenation and Foundations Firearms Training are proud to offer you Fundamental Pistol Lvl 1. FDP Lvl 1 is a 1-day class that will encompass all fundamental skills involving the defensive application of your pistol. Topics and concepts will includes defensive stance, essentials of a combat grip, draw stroke, reloading procedures, sighting techniques, integration of movement and much more. 


FDP LVL 1 is to reinforce, diagnose, and fine tune the fundamentals necessary for concealed carry. FDP LVL 2 on the next day will build upon the foundation built previously, and allow the student to learn and familiarize themselves with the advanced coursework to identify threats, retention shooting, ensure survival, and finish the fight.


FDP Lvl 1 will cover the following:

  • -Mindset
  • -Fundamental Shooting Stance
  • -Ready Positions
  • -Vision & Sight Picture
  • -4 count draw stroke
  • -Methods of Reloading
  • -Movement for Survival
  • -Skill Drills


Class runs from 8:30 AM - 5 PM each day


  • -Semi-Auto Handgun
  • -3 or more magazines (6 for single stack)
  • -Quality outside the waistband holster (No shoulder holster or crossdraw)
  • -500 (minimum) of ammo specific to your pistol
  • -Weather appropriate clothing
  • -Ear/eye protection
  • -Hat/bug spray/sunblock
  • -Water
  • -Pen & Paper
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