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Functional Pistol Application 2 (FPA2) is a one day course that will expose the student to advanced shooting drills pushing them outside their comfort zone thereby enhancing their survivability when lethal force is the only option. FPA2 will teach the student how to to deploy their pistol from various concealment options, compressed/retention shooting positions and exercises that will raise their heart level in order to see how their shooting is effected.

FPA2 is considered an advanced course and requires a solid foundation of pistol manipulations as well as moderate amount of physical ability.

Functional Pistol Applications 2 will cover the following:

  • Mindset

  • Dynamics of Violence

  • Fundamental Shooting Stance

  • Emergency Reloading

  • Integrating Movement for Survival

  • Dealing with Multiple Aggressor's

  • One Handed Shooting; Why/How

  • Methods of Concealment: What Works/Doesn't Work

  • 4-Count Drawstroke

  • Pistol Deployment With & Without Concealment

  • Shooting from retention: Why/How?

  • Optimization of Defensive Tools & Modes of Carry

  • Processing Info: How to be More Than Just a Shooter

  • Stress Shoot


Class runs from 9am-5pm

Students will need to bring:

  • Proper Attitude

  • Semi-auto Handgun

  • 3 or more handgun magazines (6 for single stack)

  • Quality concealed appendix or strong side holster, and magazine pouches

  • 500 rounds of quality ammo

  • Rain gear and Appropriate Clothing

  • Ear/Eye Protection

  • Hat, bugs spray, sun block

  • Pen and paper

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